Slim to none…those have been my odds in the last couple of weeks that I’ll have time to stitch. Oh well. I guess that’s my season right now. I’ve definitely developed the startitis that many other seem to have right now, so above you can see my latest start. It’s a freebie found here. I’m doing something that I never do…use what I have to do this one It seems that there’s always something better at the LNS than what I have in stash. And don’t ask what fabric this is…I have no idea. I picked it up out of a basket labeled “Free to a Good Home” at my LNS. It’s actually an overdyed fabric that is sort of green, sort of taupe; much lighter than these pictures show. Very pretty. And I *think* it’s 36 or 40 ct. I’ll have to pull out the ruler to know for sure. I’m using Hibiscus by Gentle Art; 1 over 2.

The other two pictures are what I walked in to see after I left Nicholas for exactly 2 minutes to check something in the other room! Of course we had to get a picture of this moment! At that point, all we could do was laugh… You will have to ignore me and my very pretty legs in this picture…it’s a rarety that they’re out in the open!

Happy stitching to all!

Edited to add: Sorry for the EXTREMELY dark pictures of the cross stitch! I’ll try to get better ones this afternoon…these were taken last night after the sun went down

February 10, 2008 —

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