I hope that you all had a LOVELY Memorial Day! The Brown household had a great day of Rock Band, eating, Rock Band, eating, basketball, eating…and then finally, nighty night! A good time was had by all!

Now to the business at hand. First I HAVE to acknowledge Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts. She had a contest/giveaway on her blog here…and wouldn’t you know it…I was one of the lucky winners! Part of the contest was to come up with names for new projects/fabric, etc. and she picked one of my suggestions…Petite Fleurs. She used it as a name for a new quilt pattern…just released at market! In return she sent me some beautiful patterns and a kit from her line. Here’s a pic:
Here’s a close up of my favorite of the lot. I’m definitely thinking that this one is gonna involve a Jelly Roll of Mill House Inn…due out this Fall!

Thanks again Joanna for such a fun opportunity!

On to the stitching! Here are some stashy pics…just a *few* things over the last couple months that were purchased. I can’t remember if I’ve already posted some of these, so if there are repeats…SORRY!
I also purchased Tuscan Rose, by Sampler Cove. The story behind this one is sorta long…but long story short…my mom designed an overdyed silk on Hand-Dyed Fibers website…which then in turn inspired this beautiful pattern! I love the colors, love the saying…and the fact that MiMi had a part (sorta!) in creating this…I knew I had to start it! So…

Next up (and this reminds me…I also purchased Ida Mae Crow…but obviously she didn’t make it to the picture for some reason!) is The Bird Keeper by Good Huswife. Something about this lady really intrigues me. I think it’s the skirt…like “so that’s what they kept under there!” I don’t know…maybe something like that. So, in that vein…all I’ve got done on her is the skirt! Here she is:
And, last but certainly not least, my progress on Geranium House. I stitched a good amount this weekend (Thanks Daddy!) and here’s where it stands as of today.

Well that’s it folks! Hope it was worth the wait! Just a sidebar…I’m still learning this new camera and all of it’s settings, so I took a few flower pics just to really test out my Macro setting. I have a barely surviving Geranium in a pot in my backyard (referenced here), and there are surprisingly still a few buds managing to survive amidst the neglect! I kinda think that they look cool surrounded by all of the dead leaves around them Good thing…

OK peeps…that’s really it…nothing else to say!

Happy Stitching

May 26, 2009 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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