It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a progress pic.

Work is CAH. RAY. ZEE. right now…hence the LACK of blogging!

Last time we met I told you of my fabric debacle…cutting the wrong size and then having to purchase new fabric to make everything work.  I purchased 0.5 yards each of 3 different Minick & Simpson creams (2 new patterns and 1 repeat) and cut them.  I did a bit of swapping with some of the other creams that were already laid out so that I would have a more “evenly scattered” look.  Then I set out to sewing together most of the 4 patches that I’ll be using and placing the middle blocks to get an idea of how they’ll look.

Here’s Stella as of today:

stella progress 061011

I love the secondary pattern that’s popping out right now!  I think that I’d love to do a version of Stella similar to this…with boxes in the middle and just the big geese stars.  I love the look of the of the modern-ish white box combined with the very traditional star.

Any way…I digress.

I started on the red geese for the small stars, and AGAIN I had cut the creams wrong!  So, I cut all of the pieces down AGAIN and finally had everything ready to sew.  The Open Gate ruler that I’m using makes PERFECT geese but there are quite a few steps involved…particularly when you’re making hundreds of geese…actually I think it’s 384…is that right, Heather?

stella progress 061011 (2)

but I definitely have many hours of work ahead of me for those!  196 red geese…and I’ve done 4!

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS that Heather and I are doing a sew along for this one…cause otherwise it would have been filed away as a WIP forever!  Even though the time have to work on it is sporadic (at best) I’m enjoying the journey.

Check out Heather’s update today.  I’m LOVING hers so far!  We’re both using reds, blues and creams, but it’s amazing how they will have very different looks in the end!  Heather’s is has a beautiful french country soft feel to it, and mine is very patriotic/americana.

June 10, 2011 —

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