stella update

This week I was going SO. GOOD.

Famous last words.

I did manage to finish all of the blue and white geese for the large stars and get them in a proposed layout on the design wall.

big blue geese finished

I’m a few little square short on the right side…as you can see…but overall not too bad, right?

On Monday night I jump right into organizing the rest of the fabric that I precut…and I set aside the squares for the 88 blue and white border geese (the reverse of the geese I’ve already made).  Easy peasy.

I then start pulling the fabric for the red and white geese (small inner stars) and realize that I’ve cut THE WRONG SIZE for the white!  Between re-interpreting the directions for the pattern into the directions for my ruler…I cut square way too big…and now I’m going to have to cut them down…and that leaves me way short on the fabric that I’ll need to make all 196 geese!  SO, I guess I’m going to be shopping for some more Minick & Simpson creams very soon!  My LQS actually stocks a lot of their fabrics, so hopefully they’ll have something that will work and I’ll be back on track soon.

And not to be detered, I did sew together that one lone start that you see up there…and made a 4 patch for the middle of another.


I love where it’s going…just wish it was a bit faster!

Be sure to check in with Heather over at Quilt or Stitch? How about both?  I bet she beats me in this little Stella venture!

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