At least for today, I’m sticking to my word and working on a long time WIP. I often wonder why these charts end up as WIPs… I guess because new fun things come out and sometimes you just need a new start! They’re so much fun!! Anyway, this is Coq Au Pins by Twisted Oaks Designs. I have already stitched the scissor fob, the scissor pocket, and most of the needle nanny. I started work on the chicken rather than finish the needle nanny last night, as I was watching a movie with my husband and he didn’t want ALL the lights on in order for me to stitch over 1!! Also, just for the record, when working on this originally last year, I inadvertently stitched the scissor fob over 2 rather than over 1 like called for. I don’t mind how it looks, so it’s staying Maybe 1 day, after I’ve stitched everything, I’ll go back and do again over 1, but it’s not happening any time soon!

July 18, 2008 —

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