Stitching Rotation

I think that I need to jump on the rotation bandwagon. I think that because my stitching time comes in such short increments that I sometimes find myself only working on small projects. However, my desire for things on my walls is quickly taking over my desire for quick finishes! I have several baskets full of smalls right now, and so I figure I can take a break on those for a bit to work on some bigger projects. Here’s my “planned” rotation:
Monday – Peppermint Twist SAL
Tuesday – PIFs
Wednesday – Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
Thursday – Bent Creek Snappers
Red Thread Snapper as of April 2008
Friday – LHN/CCN designs
Saturday – Cosima

Sunday – Shepherd’s Bush designs

O’Beautiful…as of sometime in 2007

Into the Night – as of mid October 2008

So…that’s the plan for now. I have started (barely) SoHRH, but I couldn’t find a picture of it for some reason. Cosima I haven’t started yet. We’ll see how long this lasts!