I’ve been stitching this week a bit on my Anniversaries of the Heart sampler.  Here’s where it stands today:

anniversaries of the heart 021211

If you’ve seen pictures of the sampler on various blogs around the net, then you’ve probably heard about the woes of stitching the very very very very light block number 1.  I actually had to start on the border for block 2…just to motivate me that it will get better!  I’m finally stitching some things with color in block 1, and it is becoming more and more fun.  I would love to say that I could finish this soon…but I just don’t stitch so much anymore.  I’m just enjoying the time that I do stitch, and this is going to be SO nice when it’s all done.

Another stitching project that I pull out from time to time is the Sweet Treats sampler from CCN.  I’ve done about half of the outer border now and I’m into the 3rd block.  I still love how “sweet” this one is.

sweet treats 021211 (3)

sweet treats 021211

sweet treats 021211 (2)

I tried to iron these before I took the picture, but obviously with very little luck getting out wrinkles.  They have overdyed threads, so I don’t use water or steam.  How do y’all get out wrinkles for pictures…or finishing…when overdyeds are used?

February 12, 2011 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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