Lately I’ve been in the “bad” habit of not blogging as much.

Not sure why, because I’ve still been doing LOTS of sewing, knitting and general crafting!

One way to follow me…and all of my projects…is by following me on Instagram.  My name is dbbstitch.  I am MUCH better about taking pictures of the process of things on Instagram, and sometimes you see things that never even make it to the blog!



Another way to see what I’m up to, who I’m talking to, and more…is through Twitter.  Again my name there is dbbstitch {}.  I’m on twitter a bit less frequently than Instagram, but still many times a day/week.

Recently, as I’ve become quite the avid knitter, I’ve gotten SUPER DUPER into Ravelry.  If you are are a knitter or crocheter, and you’re not on ravelry, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and sign up for an account.

I’ll wait.


OK!  Ravelry is AWESOME and I get all of my knitting patterns and ideas from there.  My account there is dbbstitch {} and you can DEFINITELY keep very up to date with my knitting life over there.

And lastly, I do have a flickr account.  I’m definitely not as good at keeping this one up…but I do try and update as often as possible.  If you look on my sidebar, you will see the big button…but you can also see me by clicking {here}.  My flickr name is suburbanstitcher.

Are you all on social media?  If you are, leave me a comment!  I’d love to follow you too!

August 15, 2012 —

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