Alright.  If you’re reading this then all has gone well!!!!  I’ve made the move from blogger to wordpress.  I’m frightened and scared and excited just like a momma giving birth, and crossing my fingers that it will all go very very smoothly.

If there is something that doesn’t seem to be working properly PLEASE feel free to let me know.  Also, if there is something that you’d like to see, comment and let me know.  Hopefully all well go well over the next few weeks as this transition occurs and we’ll continue to see each other here

Also a note…If you follow me in a reader, you will need to update the reader to reflect this new address.  Because all of the hidden coding is now pointing to a wordpress blog and not a blogger blog…apparently that changes what allows you to follow me.  So, I just ask that you cut and past this website (even though it is the same…yes I know) and put it in your reader.

Thanks to you all!!!