Between being on Spring Break and going on the Houston Shop Hop all weekend (more on that later) it’s been a crazy week.  The first big event of the week was this:jack's cast

Did you catch it in that picture?  And no I don’t mean the yucky stained old couch.  Look here:jack's cast (2)

Yeppers.  Jack is in a cast.  Honestly we don’t even know how he did it, cause there was never any episode of crying.  But needless to say, he has “nursemaid’s elbow” and the orthopedist and the pediatrician felt that casting him was the best option.  Two weeks in this stinky thing…

Fast forward to yesterday morning…picture me on the computer catching up on the 250+ blog posts that I was behind on reading.  I got to a blog for a precious blogger…whom shall remain nameless…and read about her problems in the PIF that she had participated in.  She had never received the items, and it had been over a year.

As I read her post, I got a sick feeling in my stomach.  I had done a PIF, a little over a year ago, and received a GORGEOUS gift from overseas, but I had never sent out my gifts to my 3 people as promised!  YIKES!  And, this sweet blogger was one of my recipients!  DOUBLE YIKES!!  I guess I sorta knew that I was behind but didn’t realize that I was past the deadline!  SO, I immediately contacted this stitcher, only to find out that she didn’t even know that she was one of my 3 people!  She was talking about another PIF!  Can you imagine!  Two PIFs and both givers had been delinquent! 

SO, I did what any good person would do and I IMMEDIATELY chose three prized stitched and finished smalls out of my collection to send to my three people who have been clearly waiting way to long.PIF gifts

If you know that you are one of the three people who should be receiving a PIF from me, you can look forward to one of these items arriving in your mailbox soon!  I’m headed to Mr. Postman today!

SO, even though that sweet blogger didn’t mean me, her post was clearly intended for me to read, because I needed to own up to that responsibility.  And hopefully, even though these items weren’t stitched specifically for each person, they were stitched with love and care by me.  I love them each so much I intended to keep them!  I think that the second 1/2 of this lesson I’m learning is that in order to make it right I need to fix it NOW and that means parting with some items that are precious to me.  I’m thrilled to know that they will be off to a new home where they will be enjoyed as well.

That’s it today peeps.  In closing, I want to remind all of us out there to keep up with our commitments.  It’s only fair to the others involved…

March 22, 2010 —

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