The post in which I say thank you

I love this quilty/stitchy/crafty world that we have here.

I mean…where else would you see pictures of all the cool stuff that we see all the time.

AND on top of it all of those same people with the cool stuff take time to look at little ole’ blogs like mine.  And say such nice things and give advice and all of the wonderful things that you do.

For that I am grateful.

So in the words of a former employer…THIS BUDS FOR YOU:

Since I’ve posted last, I’ve actually been in my sewing room.

Shocker…I know.

I bound a quilt, and cut out two more bindings.Shirley's Pinwheels

So, thank you all again, sweet readers.  Both the commenters and the ones who read faithfully through their readers.  I am gratefully back in the sewing room, and slowly and definitely feeling a bit more normal these days.

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