I guess when I post about it so rarely it needs to be blatantly obvious

Also, ironically enough…this really isn’t a post about my cross stitching…but my mommas.

I was thinking about my momma a lot today.  And then I remembered these pictures. 

Momma sorta became famous-ish in the blogosphere last year after I posted a picture of her Quaker Virtues on the ol’ blog.  Well, this past weekend, while at momma’s house, I found myself noticing all of the cross stitched pieces around.  She’s got quite a collection.  DSCN1619DSCN1621DSCN1623DSCN1625DSCN1626DSCN1630And the one that started it all…


If she gets done what she wants to get done this year…she’s gonna run out of walls!

I do apologize for all of the crazy reflections and glare…I was going for now flash…as it represents truer colors…but that typically means lots of light, open windows, etc…which don’t always play nice with glass and frames.

I should also say that my momma does know me well.  She caught me walking around the house taking pictures of cross stitch…and asked me what I was doing

As if she really didn’t know

Love you momma.  I’m so glad that we can share this art together.

March 04, 2010 — diannebbrown@hotmail.com

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