what I’ve been doing

I have been so busy, I haven’t been here!  Have you noticed?!

One thing that I finished last weekend, Memorial Day, was the transformation of the office in our house into an office/sewing room!  SO MUCH FUN!  I painted the walls a pretty aqua/turq color (Mountain Dew by Pittsburgh Paints).office to studio (2) office to studio (3)office to studio See this fun wall vinyl?  I won it a few months ago from Audrey’s blog.  And I believe that she’s a rep for this company…so hurry up and go get one for your sewing room, too

This room will still function as an office…hence the printer right next to the sewing machine.  But for the most part, it’s MINE!  I’ve even convinced my husband that I need a TV in here, too   Eventually we will make a few more changes (see pic below).office to studio with words

Before we move any further…I must apologize for my camera.  It’s broken, which is the reason that all of these pictures have a black triangle blur in the bottom right corner and everything overall has a general haze to it.  And unfortunately I can’t blame it on the kiddos this time!  I accidently pushed it off the kitchen island onto the tile…and it’s officially totaled.  It will cost more to fix than it’s worth…  SO, I’m thinking that my SLR may be happening sooner rather than later!

On the quilting front, here’s what on my table today:siggy swap round 2My round two siggy swap blocks…well 62 out of 101.  I’ve used Jennifer Paganelli’s Nancy in Aqua from her So St. Croix collection.  It’s such a lovely bright summery fabric…and I knew that it would be perfect for this swap!  I purchased it from So Fun Fabrics on etsy.

In regards to my absence…I’ve been SO busy at home having fun with my family.  I haven’t done hardly any sewing in the last month, and I don’t regret a minute of it!  I know that we can all get so wrapped up in our crafting that our families go by the wayside.  I am guilty of that, but no more!  Yes, I have this lovely new machine, and lovely new room, but I have vowed that I will never make my family wait on me because I’m too busy quilting.  I think that Kelly summed it up SO WELL in her post here

And you will still see me around…but I certainly will not be making any of those crazy deadlines, or setting goals or things like that.  My “goal” is to put my husband and kiddos first, and quilt in between

Well, I hope this finds you all extremely happy and healthy, and most importantly doing what you love…whatever that may be!

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