Whoa…where has the time gone?!?!

Well, obviously things have been crazy for the last few months in the Brown household! We found out on Valentine’s Day that we are expecting our 2nd child! We also found out on Tuesday this week that it’s going to be another BOY! That’s fun too! Nicholas is already starting to talk about Baby Jack in mommy’s tummy.

In the spirit of expectant parenthood and nesting…I splurged MAJORLY yesterday and bought something that I envision eventually going in Jack’s room…Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I purchased the chart, 36ct. Vintage Autumn Gold fabric and the DMC fibers. My LNS had both cuts in 36ct. and 40ct. (recommended by the chart), but I chose the 36ct. to try and save my eyes. Also, the color variation in the 36ct. was SOOOO much prettier than the pieces of 40ct. that she had.

Stitching-wise, over the last few months, my opportunities have been few and far between. I have really bad, sick pregnancies, so I don’t feel like being awake half the time let alone stitching. I’m finally over most of that nastiness, so from here on out I’ll have some stitching time for sure…especially as I’m off work until mid-August. I did finish half the Barnabee Meets Bella biscornu, and I’ve finished the stitching on the Bella Bee needleroll that goes inside the pretty gold bee. All I have to do on that is assemble it all together.

I’m off for the summer, so today will be filled with some cleaning, LOTS of playing, and later today we will be have lunch with some friends from college and their new baby twin girls! Fun Fun Fun

I leave you with pictures of the new addition to the Brown family (who looks like he’s ready for Halloween!), pics of my fabric and meager progresson SOHRH, as well as some pics of Nicholas eating his Pop Tarts this morning!


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