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If you have been watching the fade clubs appear all over social media and you've wished you had gotten in on the is your chance!

Beginning at 1:00 PM on November 16, 2021, you can purchase your 'catch up' skeins for the fade club. You do not need to have been a member previously to purchase these skeins. There are options for a full 6 month catchup, months 1-3, months 4-6, as well as individual months.

The pictures below are links to the listings. They will not be live until 1 PM Central 11/16/2021.

Kick the Dust Up PREORDERS!

Kick Up the Dust shawl is a pattern that debuted in Issue 10 of Nomadic Knits. If you've fallen in love with this amazing shawl like I have, click through to purchase your yarn.

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Gift Cards Now Available!

Need a gift for a friend, but can't decide on the color?  Purchasing a gift from Suburban Stitcher is now easier with our new gift cards!

Mystery Fade Club Subscriptions

A fade that you build one skein at a time...and it goes on FOREVER!!!! Click thorugh for more info.