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Grab your kit for the brand new Lady Bird Wrap

Joji has created another showstopper piece for Interpretations 8, and we couldn't be more pleased to have been chosen to partner with her. Click here to purchase your kit (it's a preorder!)

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Kick the Dust Up PREORDERS!

Kick Up the Dust shawl is a pattern that debuted in Issue 10 of Nomadic Knits. If you've fallen in love with this amazing shawl like I have, click through to purchase your yarn.

Gift Cards Now Available!

Need a gift for a friend, but can't decide on the color?  Purchasing a gift from Suburban Stitcher is now easier with our new gift cards!

Mystery Fade Club Subscriptions

A fade that you build one skein at a time...and it goes on FOREVER!!!! Click thorugh for more info.