I currently accept all credit cards & PayPal.  


In July 2018, the laws for when & how online stores charge taxes changed.  Essentially, each state operates differently.  Some states require that I charge sales tax, and some do not.  This is based on the volume of business that Suburban Stitcher does each year in their state.  Because of these laws, someone that wasn't charged tax in February, may later be charged tax for a purchase in August.  PLEASE KNOW that this is an ever growing & ever changing situation, and I am doing my absolute very best to be as transparent as possible.

Bottom line on taxes?  If you ship to Texas, you will be charge the 6.25% tax that I have to pay based on where I live.  If you live within the US, but outside of Texas, you may or may not be charged taxes.  Thank you for your understanding.

I will ship anywhere in the world. I use USPS & UPS for all shipping. If you wish to have your purchase insured, please note that you will be charged extra for this service.  The customer is responsible for paying any shipping costs over what is listed in the item listing.

If you have more than one purchase from my shop, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to combine orders.  The vast number of orders that are coming in and going out on any given day sometimes prevents that from happening.  Any items listed as preorder/custom orders that are purchased with in-stock items will be mailed together when the preorder/custom order is ready.  No exceptions.  If you need to receive the in-stock items sooner, you will need to purchase them separately from preorder/custom order listings.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: please note that you may be charged customs fees to receive your package.  This is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay these fees, not the seller.  I will not mark down the price of items, or label items as "gift" or use different descriptions to bypass customs fees.  Thank you for your understanding.

If there is an issue with your purchase, PLEASE CONTACT ME directly, and I will do my very best to make you, the customer, happy. My goal is to make sure that you end up with a product that you love, and that you will be able to use for a very long time!

Lost Items:
I will work with you and the post office to try and find your package. Please note: Suburban Stitcher is not responsible for refunding or replacing items that are lost or damaged in transit. If you are concerned about this, please do consider upgrading shipping and purchasing insurance for your purchase.

Suburban Stitcher does not sell your private information.  Any information that we have about you is only what you willingly and knowingly enter on our website.  Some basic demographic information is collected on the site, but this is only used for our own advertising and marketing purposes.  We wish to keep you as a happy satisfied customer, and we know that selling your info or compromising your online persona in any way does not do that.