Episode 180:  Fade-ient




Hello Lovelies:

  • Brooklyn Tweed Ranch 02: Forbes yarn in Burdock

Shop News:

  • Update on Friday, Oct 25 @ 7 pm.  This update will mainly be DK weight yarn & Knit Night kits
October 20, 2019 — Dianne Brown


Catherine Reno

Catherine Reno said:

Love your new collections always enjoy your podcasts.
Keep knitting

Mary Burris

Mary Burris said:

I love the whole collection by Holli but love the Infinity Mirror. I have being knitting the Westknits mystery shawl with your Chicory and Oslo colour I picked up at Knit City. The stitcher sock is very soft and lovely to work with.


Bethe said:

Oh Dianne~~I so love your realness, you are so beautiful and creative, thank you for sharing yourself with us! Your new colors and that shawl collection!!! gives me goosebumbies!! Almost like I had a fan on too!
Love, Bethe


Marsha said:

Love your podcast. I could not find the pattern Magpie Darling Scarf on Crafty Jackalope website. Is the place you purchased the pattern?

Thank you.

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