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  • Happy Birthday to my mom and Dana!
  • this week’s tea is from Teavana (a sample sent to me in a recent order)



Hello Lovelies:

Rainbowalong prizes:

  1. Bags by Awesome Grannie: post 140 fromkersey
  2. Bluegrass Bags & More bag and needle keeper: post 279 jennieb82
  3. The Authentic Collection by Joji Locatelli: post 188 clucks
  4. Dream Girls by Lydia Brown: post 80 sillyfru
  5. Desert Vista Dyeworks skein of choice: post 38 hmgtt
  6. Catch the Rainbow pattern by C.C. Almon/JavaPurl designs:
    1. post 52 sarahstevens
    2. post 97 CollieNStitchGirl
    3. post 259 ToriCrum
    4. post 171 rachelcath
    5. post 36 lbergeron
  7. Maple Moose Fibers bag: post 35 stitchintime
  8. One Geek to Craft Them All stitch marker set: post 43 dgwhite
  9. Studio in the Green sock sack: post 226 RoseKnittery
  10. Unwind Yarn Company yarn: post 46 LeaAline
  11. Witch Candy Yarn: post 283 LydiaB
  12. Woven pouch from Mary Claire: post 102 biscuitgirl

Freckled Whimsy giveaway winner: post 120 Kayteebe

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March 08, 2016 —
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